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About Dutchlink

Why join

Why Join?

If you join us, we will send you:

  • Invitations via email for all Dutchlinks’ business, cultural and social networking events
  • Mailings via email about other Dutch related events and Dutch related information
  • And you are able to expand your network with other members of Dutchlink

Concept Business Event:

  • A networking event
  • With a good and valued speaker
  • About a current and/or interesting subject
  • Hosted by a venue sponsor/company who represents the speaker  (Mostly) in the evening, after work
  • At a central location, in and around CBD

The attendance varies with the subject from 50 – 100 people per event

How to become a Member

Joining Dutclink is a quick and easy process. It just takes three steps to become registered paying member:

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