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Australia is a country with something to do for everyone no matter what time of the year and the choice is endless. With Dutchlink being located in Sydney, this section will mainly focus on things to do in and around Sydney.


The first thing most people think when hearing about Sydney is beaches. Around the harbour there is an abundance of beaches, some small, some big. The most know beaches are Bondi Beach and Manly Beach. Next to those two there are many, many more to discover and enjoy. At the more open waters, the surfing is great and it is one of the things Australians love to do. They start very young with Nipper training at their local Life Save Surfing Clubs and become familiar with the water and the sand. The more protected and therefore calmer bays are perfect for kayaking and snorkelling. For those who don't want to get wet there is always the option to go sailing.

National Parks

Sydney is surrounded by national parks. The Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park at the North, the Blue Mountains National Park in the East and the Royal National Park in the South. All parks offer many different activities such as hiking, kayaking, abseilen, camping and many more. For more information check out

For Kids

Even though it is a big city, Sydney is a wonderful place for kids to grow up! With all its beaches, parks and national parks there is lots to do. But there is more. Most museums have made their exhibits interactive so kids enjoy them very much. Children also love the Chinese Garden at Darling Harbour and the water games right next to it. Having a look at sharks at the Sydney Aquarium is always a big hit as is a visit to Taronga Zoo. For a complete list of things for kids, Ella's List is very useful.


The Australians are crazy about sports. If you happen to be in a park during lunch hour you will find many people exercising. The choice for sports is endless, swimming, soccer, tennis, cricket, golf etc. The two biggest national sports however are rugby league and cricket. It is an interesting experience to go watch one of those matches! 

Opera House

A visit to the Opera House while in Sydney is a must! Check out their program here.

Sydney Festival

Each January the city becomes the stage for the biggest cultural festival of the Southern hemisphere when it is hosting the Sydnye Festival. For more information click here.

For more information about what is on in Sydney have a look at Destination NSW.

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